Tuesday, November 17, 2009


People in Furry Animal Suits. Wow. The Furry Folks are everywhere. Anthropomorphic Animals  are the Stars of this multifaceted sub-culture. At first glance it's a Chuck E. Cheese and Disney Style Mascot Suits. Then you begin to notice sexy Manga Styled Girls and a few beefy Manimals.  Furry Fandom got it's beginnings  in the early 80's when Sci Fi Enthusiasts began to dress up in a new way that reflected the importance of these characters in Sci Fi Literature and Art. Anthrocon   in Pittsburgh, PA is the largest furry fan convention in the world. Follow the link to check out their website. It is a wholesome environment that is suitable for all ages.  Of course there are some people who have sexual furry fetishes too.The term "yiff" is most commonly used to indicate sexual activity or sexual material within the fandom.  So if you get cat called by a "person" in an animal suit and you hear a "Yiff","Yip",or "Yerf" they want to sniff ya!




A lady likes her Corsetry



It's Snuggie and Slanket



  1. u know whats funny....i always thought u had a physical resemblance to Noddy Holder...:) so i was thinkingof you when i wrote that post!!!

  2. hmmm dogs life productions here letting u know some of these pix are hot!

  3. You ignorant shit!!! That is NOT what a furry is! People who dress up as animals are called jugolos, not fucking furries you dumbass!!! I'm so god damn sick of you cunts getting this shit fucked up.

    Get your facts straight before you publish for the world to see!!!!