Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Costume Play

Cosplay...Costume Play, Masquerade, Disguise, Dress Up, Drag.  Everybody enjoys being someone else some of the time.  Halloween is the opportunity for the masses to transform themselves. In the spirit of the Holiday I wanted to share some of my favorite costumes. Of course most of these are worn by people in various states of sexual arousal. Regardless, I think they stand alone as amazing looks and really clever costumes.

Zentai are lycra body suits.  Some feature complete encasement of the body and face while others are more like Super-Hero Costumes. Cost effective and a quick way to get ready for a night out.






This company does mind numbing animal costumes. I LOVE these.

Sow with Ten Teets






Space Wasp

Hour Glass Extreme


Queer Anime Cosplay

Here's a great Japanese TV Clip. So Good!

Friday, October 16, 2009


People have a reaction to a clown. Clowns evoke happiness, sadness, fear, and anger. What is it about a person in an absurd disguise that causes the uproar? Let us look at the clown as a modern symbol of the imperfect chorus of the  human psyche. They can be innocent and speak to the less sophisticated emotional life of children. They can be tragic Sad Clowns that deserve compassion and pity.  They can be dark ironic figures that mock the norms of contemporary society. Clowns are even the subject of sexual fantasy for a less than savory segment of the populace.  Lastly, they can be sinister monsters that hunger for death and mayhem. I find myself at a happy  intersection on Crazy Lane and Neurotic Street. I find them beautiful and disturbing and often perfectly harmless.  Generally it's not the person under the makeup that I'm interested in. It's a LOOK people. Get into that look or not. I like it freaky so SEND IN THE CLOWNS.









Clowning Students 

Mexican Clown Conference Attendees

The Fraternity of Latin Clowns opened the 11th annual Clown Conference in Mexico

 Trubbles The Clown 2005



Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Since we have been speaking of Robots, Androids, and AI's, it's a good time to discuss Gary Numan. He was singer, writer, and producer for Tubeway Army's two LP's- "Tubeway Army" and "Replicas" before flying solo. In 1979 the songs "Are Friends Electric?" and "Down In The Park" became the soundtrack to a watershed moment for a new sound in Youth Culture. Numan had huge success with songs like "Cars", and the albums "The Pleasure Principal" and "Telekon". Numan's relevance in the 80's began to wane and by the early 90's he had slipped off the radar. He enjoyed success again the late 90's and has continued to release and tour throughout the past decade.
Numan's music and aesthetic were a thematic triumph! A grim future melange of men, machines, artificial lifeforms and ambiguous gender identity. Coupled with a snazzy stage show and some of the best man blush of the 20th century Gary Numan has earned his place as one of JAMESBLERG's STYLE ICON IMMORTALS.